'SHAIS TIME' for Shmideo. "Great stuff! Keep 'em coming! It's great that you are doing this! A mitzvah!" - Andrew Gordon, Supervising Animator at Pixar

I animated these pearls of wisdom from Rabbi Shais Taub like doodles coming to life in a notebook. Dovid Taub did the sound and final edit.



Teaser Trailer for Chillent's debut album, Jewish Soul Stew.


Had a great time collaborating with the talented folks at Swish Media on these!


The Shmideo "Shizzle Reel" I cut together a while back.


Shmideo's Coding Advisor explainer video. I did the animation, Dovid Taub designed it and put the whole thing together.


UIA bumper from the Melbourne International Jewish Film Festival. Not animation, but I did the illustration. Fabrication by Dovid Taub and Dovber Naiditch.