Hasid or Hipster?!

My buddies over at Charidy are running an amazing mental health awareness campaign called I Have A Therapist. It's doing great stuff, and I was so stoked that we both ended up on the Hasid or Hipster blog!




Ok, folks. Hopefully you've been hearing a bit about Shmideo now, and hopefully you're really liking it so far.

I even got back in front of the camera and started acting again!

I'm feeling very grateful to be going into the Jewish New Year with new possibilities and opportunities. 


Happy Holidays!

Here's my latest project: a collaboration with Arie Stavchansky and Marc Lumer for the Lumin8me platform. In addition to coming up with the initial concept, I also put the team together, and provided the character animation in After Effects - which includes the main character, his car, and his family waving at the end.


Tzohar Seminary

Tonight begins the 18th of Elul - the birthday of two of my personal heroes: the Baal Shem Tov and the Baal HaTanya. To honor this very special day, I would like to announce a really great opportunity that just came my way, BH.

I've been friends with Yaakov and Amy Guterson since I came to Pittsburgh ten years ago. I spent many Shabbes meals at their table, and really became close with the whole family. Since I've known her, Amy has spoken about a seminary for girls that fused the Arts and Chassidus.

Last year she started the Tzohar Seminary (www.tzoharseminary.com) for post-high school girls with Rabbi Aaron Herman. It was a huge success, and they've grown exponentially this year. To expand their curriculum, they've reached out to some of the local Chabad creatives to participate as teachers and mentors.

G'd willing, I'll be teaching Chassidus and Creativity - two subjects that I've passionately been trying to integrate for over fifteen years. It's a workshop about idea generation and finding something to say. It's about tangibly communicating the abstract. It's about overcoming our own inner critics and force of Resistance. It's about living and creating with Chassidus.

I'm really fired up to be teaching this next year. I hope to be documenting the process as I go.

Hope everyone has an amazing, meaningful 18 of Elul!



Letting Fly in Artrage

I love Artrage, and very much prefer it to any other drawing or painting program I've tried. Been having fun building mountains in Zbrush, and I feel more confident drawing them, as a result. I've had this shot in my head for a while now, from "Hershel & the Hanukkah Goblins," so I thought I'd give it a whirl...