Magnificent Baby

I did some illustration work for the Magnificent Baby company this summer, and their website just went live. Their product is so necessary and long overdue - taking the hassle out of baby clothes. I myself had three little ones that put up the darndest fights when we tried buttoning them up in little outfits that had fifty-million snaps to fasten. Great product, great clients.

Check out their site: I'm featured in the "how it works" section.




I enjoyed a brief stint last year at, working on a couple of projects for the site. They asked me to do a commercial for their Hanukkah site that had the potential to maybe go viral. So, I cranked this bad boy out in less than a month - doing the design, animation, and sound design. It was really my first shot at something like this, and considering all of the hats I was wearing for it, I think it came out pretty OK.



Stewie and Taylor, Revisited (Again)

Well, here's my first shot from my Alumni course at Animation Mentor, Polishing & Portfolio. Man, I'm so happy with this one . . . Compared to the original, I think it really shows how much I've grown as an animator in the last couple of years. Thanks to my amazing teachers.


Stewie and Taylor from Sruli Broocker on Vimeo.


Animation Mentor, Round 2

I'm very happy to announce that I just started a new alumni class at Animation Mentor called, "Polishing and Portfolio." My mentor, Dave Burgess, is one of the lead animators at Dreamworks, and before that he worked at Disney on "Aladdin" and the "Lion King," to name a few. With help from Above, I'm hoping to post my assignements as I work through them. This should be an amazing semester.


Distraxion - Mike Stern

Here's one more proof of why Animation Mentor is such a phenomenal program. It took Mike Stern two years to make this short, with a lot of trial and error. It does something only great comedy can do: it takes a familiar, mundane situation and presents it in an original, compelling way. You're awesome, Mike.

Here's a link to Mike Stern's site, and if you'd like to read up on Mike's process from pre-production to completion, check out this article from the September '09 Animation Mentor Newsletter.