Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Sruli spent his youth doodling and making short films with a Pixelvision camera.

He graduated with honors from UT Austin's film program, and later from the groundbreaking Animation Mentor, where he was the featured student in their monthly newsletter. The interview caught some attention, and Sruli was soon networking and collaborating with top creatives in the film, television, and animation industries. 

In 2013, he co-founded Shmideo with puppeteer Dovid Taub and writer DovBer Naiditch. Their crowdfunding campaign earned a top spot on the Indiegogo website, and HuffPost compared their subversive comedy to a "Jewish version of Monty Python." 

In 2016, he produced the horror short Help Me, First with director Mike Gasaway (Jimmy Neutron) and executive producer Tim League (Drafthouse Films). The story of three ill-fated ghost-hunters trapped in a haunted asylum co-starred genre favorite Lori Cardille (Day of the Dead), and premiered at the Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX.   

Other projects include: the animated adaptation of holiday favorite Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins with director Saul Blinkoff (Doc Mcstuffins), and The Grateful Yid: Once in a While You Get Shone the Light, a documentary with producer Stuie Wax (Midnight Music) and DP Saul Sudin (Punk Jews).

Sruli also co-manages and plays harmonica for Chillent, a genre-defying mix of funk, jazz, blues, rock, reggae, and traditional Jewish melodies. Their debut album, Jewish Soul Stew, is currently available for streaming on Spotify, and for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Their follow-up album, Simmer Down: Live Chillent, will be available in the fall of 2018. 

His writing has been featured on, and Jew in the City, and he's shown up in the LA TimesTimes of Israel and on Hevriacast.

He recently relocated from Mr. Rogers' neighborhood to Miami, FL with his wife, three kids, and shih-poo.